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The Founder


Late Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita

Late Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita who started the Maha Bodhi Society and its sister organizations and who has rendered yeomen service to humanity for 57 years was the founder of this Centre. He was one of the most erudite Buddhist scholars. It was his cherished dream and vision to provide a systematic Buddhist education as widely as possible. Mahabodhi Research Centre is the result of his efforts and research in this field which is the first of its kind in whole of India.

He was a member of the Editorial Board of the Sixth Buddhist synod (Chattha Sangayana) in Yangon, which brought out a complete edition of the Pali Tipitaka. He was teaching Pali and Tipitaka at Nalanda University. He has conducted many Dhamma and Pali courses, meditation courses and written numerous books and translations of Buddhist texts.

Founder’s Message about Research Centre

Namo Buddhaya!

Welcome to Mahabodhi Research Center for Theravada Buddhist Studies. We are extremely happy to announce the commencement of Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Certificate course in Buddhist Studies courses from this academic year 2018-19.

“This Center is going to be unique in the sense that it will not only be an intellectual center of learning but also a character-building institution by living a spiritually enriched life which mere intellectual knowledge cannot accomplish. We used to have such centers in the time of the Buddha and later in the times of Ashoka, Kanishka and Harshavardhana. But also, being subject to the law of impermanence, these great centers have been lost to the detriment of the Indian civilization itself. Internal religious bigotry and external religious invasion brought about this historic disaster. But from the ruins of those institutions are growing new centers of learning, mediation retreats and Buddhist centers. Dhamma has its own intrinsic vitality and spiritual majesty that will benefit the Indian nation in the manner our history has never witnessed. India is coming up not only economically, politically and socially, but has a civilization and culture of non-violence, moral purity and unity amidst diversity. These are basic qualities of Indian civilization which are so rich and profoundly powerful that India will gain its rightful place in the world community by its matured, prosperous and civilized way of life.”

In the modern times while man is totally lost in material progress neglecting the emotional balance, mental development and spiritual growth, our center will provide the Buddha’s teachings in modern academic mode, which is also in a practicable way, both for material and spiritual progress.

Wishing you all the great success in the study of Lord Buddha’s philosophy!